Arranging Direct Access to Markets - No More Chains in Supply Chain System

AgroBEET brings Farming and Market Places together through an integrated supply chain model, bypassing different agents or intermediaries. The supply chain in Farming has traditionally seen many challenges, including post-harvest losses, damage in transition, the high unregulated commissions by agents, storage, logistics, and many more.

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Modern Value chains for Exceptional Efficiency

AgroBEET encourages farmers to get together in groups and build a direct and robust direct supply chain mechanism to connect with the markets without intermediaries. We offer complete support at all stages, starting with transparency of demand, shared hub storage, final logistics to the market, pricing transparency, and finally, funds disbursement. Here is how each step performs and interact through an automated model:

End to End collection management

Connecting Farmers with the markets through our automated supply chain model to ensure minimum wastage, best price, and no intermediaries. Complete transparency of demand and quantity of produce picked and delivered.


Technology-enabled logistics for on-time deliveries between 12-15 hours. While we understand that time is of the essence, we also believe the quality of the final product delivered depends on handling the harvest in the logistics systems. So we have our efficient audit systems, accountability, and tracking mechanism to ensure minimum wastage in transit.

Smiles for Consumer and Business

We are also of the view that the end consumer is the reason for this entire agriculture supply chain. Therefore, maintaining price bands, marketing our quality products, and delivering efforts bring many smiles for consumers and happiness for the farmer fraternity. Rewards are maximum with positive feedback and repeat business.

4 Success stages of our Value Chain Model

Most effective Integrated Supply Chain Model - We strive for 100% Farmers Trust, 100% transparency, 0% Black Marketing, Minimum Wastage & Highest Quality Standards.

  • Farmers work together as a group for strength and success

  • Collection of the farm produce and delivery to hubs

  • Safe dispatch from hubs

  • Final delivery to markets, retailers, or consumer groups

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