About Us

We are empowering farmers with technology to revolutionize farming. It is a power to execute, manage, and distribute from your SmartPhones. We want Farmers’ Prosperity & Wealth

We are a young and talented tech team who are aligned to the vision of Farmers’ success!

Agriculture has never been easy. Farmers have traditionally suffered due to various reasons like the bad quality of input raw material, challenging expense tracking, procurement of input stock, high pricing, stock hoarding, intermediaries commissions, and many more.

We realized that agriculture is a vast sector, and many people are associated with this industry. There were technological innovations, but nobody thought of connecting technology and agriculture operations. That’s what we did!


We worked on every intricacy of the agriculture production process to ensure that farming is more efficient than ever before.

  • We have a strong opinion that farmers deserve much better support to run their businesses.
  • We want to ensure that the entire farm fraternity works under an integrated model and not in silos for individual profits.

“AgroBEET is a vision of organized farm operations and a mission of happy and wealthy farmers across the world.”

AgroBEET originated as a basic Income and Expense manager app but has now diversified into all areas of farming operations. We are now launching features like crop management, consultation, land lease, produce procurement, and crowdfunding to ensure 360-degree support to farmers.

What our farmer user says