Finance and Investments

Now start farming with the funds that you are comfortable with. Our platform will enable you with an AgroBEET account, where you can transfer your funds and purchase an agricultural asset.

Why is it a good idea to invest on a farm through Agrobeet?

Investors ‘SAFE’

When you choose to invest, it goes through our SAFE process, where we track every minor transaction deliberately to give 100% transparency to the investors.

‘Viability and Success Assessment’

First, we check the credit history of all Farmers diligently, and then we validate fields, farming mechanisms, and crop plans. Further to all checks, we monitor the entire farming process (end to end) and provide complete guidance and support for the best produce.

AgroBeet’s ‘Accountability

AgroBEET’s team takes investments and related activities with extreme diligence to ensure that the entire process delivers the best outcome.

‘Assured Returns with Agro Supply Chain’

AgroBEET takes complete responsibility for the final product’s supply chain. We bridge the gap between the farmers and marketplaces and help farmers get the best price of their products in the market. When farmers get the best returns on their funded investment, their investors get the assured returns.

Insured Assets for additional security

We feel more responsible when we deal with your investments. No matter how small or big your investment is, it is crucial that you trust us with your money. Therefore, we ensure that all assets involved in the investments are insured for an extra layer of security.

Buy a virtual Farm by following few easy steps


Add Funds to your AgroBEET Account

Follow the most convenient way of buying assets approved by AgroBEET like Dairy Farm, Goat Farms, Sericulture, Fish, Agriculture, etc., virtually by funding your AgroBEET account on our platform.


Pick and Choose your Assets

Once you fund your account, we ensure that you feel comfortable with the complete journey of purchasing your asset. We share various purchase opportunities for investments like Cattle or Poultry as per the availability.


Monitor your virtual farm asset

We provide complete transparency on your investments. Our platform enables you with an online dashboard and reporting to give you confidence in your asset’s performance.


Enjoy your Returns

As much as we love our modern technological approach, we also blend it with a traditional, highly conscious mindset of delivering your returns. When yield production sells in the market, we transfer the proceeds into your AgroBEET account. We have deliberately kept it transparent to gain your trust.

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Our farms

AgroBEET aims to connect farmers around the world through such platforms. So that they can manage their farm accounting themselves through the mobile application